(4 Pack) Welder's Coffee "To Go" Bottles (Colombian Medium Roast)

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Image of (4 Pack) Welder's Coffee "To Go" Bottles (Colombian Medium Roast)

A 4 pack of 6 ounce bottles containing craft roasted, small batch coffee.

These "To Go" bottles are for the Welder on the move, they come sealed and probably will be fairly pressurized when you get them because of the amount of Co2 that the beans release after being roasted.... It is completely normal.

This coffee is roasted from high quality green coffee beans in a fluid bed roaster that ensures consistent roasting of each coffee bean.

Coffee is always best when fresh and that freshness starts with getting you roasted coffee as fast as we can. While I wish that I could ship it to you warm immediately after roasting, it will be 1 to 3 days after roasting.

Coffee will store for up to a year in a sealed container, and a bit longer in the freezer, hopefully you will find this coffee irresistible and it wont last a week.

The idea behind the bottles was out of convenience and ease of use in the field, I am sure you can also find a use for the bottle after you enjoy the coffee.

Freshness, quick shipping and consistent quality will hopefully have you coming back for a second cup of Large Time Coffee.

*Argon is naturally present in the air we breath, so yeah, the bag has air in it with the coffee.... That trapped air has Argon in it...Infused with Argon seemed more fancy than, "Bagged Coffee".

** If you want your coffee ground, that is an option on the order form drop down, I would recommend against it because the freshness will suffer a bit, but I understand if you don't have the ability to grind it in the field.