Welder's Coffee 12 Ounces (Columbian Medium Roast, Whole Bean)


Image of Welder's Coffee 12 Ounces (Columbian Medium Roast, Whole Bean)

12 ounces of craft roasted, small batch coffee.

This coffee is roasted from high quality green coffee beans in a fluid bed roaster that ensures consistent roasting of each coffee bean.

Coffee is always best when fresh and that freshness starts with getting you roasted coffee as fast as we can. While I wish that I could ship it to you warm immediately after roasting, it will be 1 to 3 days after roasting.

Coffee will store for up to a year in a sealed container, and a bit longer in the freezer, hopefully you will find this coffee irresistible and it wont last a week.

The bags the coffee arrives in have a one way valve that allows the Co2 the coffee beans create to escape. The bags also have a rip open top that allows to you to reseal the bags after each use.

Freshness, quick shipping and consistent quality will hopefully have you coming back for a second cup of Large Time Coffee.

*Argon is naturally present in the air we breath, so yeah, the bag has air in it with the coffee.... That trapped air has Argon in it...Infused with Argon seemed more fancy than, "Bagged Coffee".